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Hooray for Books! Keeps the dream alive. Kids - Alexandria Virginia

Posted on Jun 10,2008
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We were all very sad when - A likely Story - the only boutique-like book store for kids in Alexandria closed. But Trish and Allen just opened a new independent children bookstore in the same space.They opened their doors to the public on Saturday, June 7, with their grand Opening scheduled for June 21.  Trish and Allen pride themselves on knowing children's books and on customer service.  If they don't have a book you want - ask! They do special orders.  All you have to do is tell them the age of your child and his interest and their staff will be able to recommend the right book for you.

Hooray for Books Alexandria Virginia

Stores like - Hooray for Books! - give us some hope that reading is not going away.  The problem is parents are spending more money and time at stores that sell video and audio products for kids (Wii, iPod, video games, etc.) and ignoring one of the most important aspects of our kids’ development – imagination, logical thinking and writing.  Reading is essential in developing good writing skills and logical thinking.   It also helps kids with translating words they read into their own personal visual images rather than what they see on a screen (our imagination), something video games cannot do.Let’s hope we can take advantage of all what Hooray for Books! is offering our kids.  Let‘s help them grow and avoid having another likely story scenario.

1555 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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