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Bale allegedly lashed out at his relatives in his suite at Park Lane’s Dorchester Hotel on Sunday.

Posted on Jul 22,2008
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I understand that anyone subjected to abuse should take action, but I am sorry, the Christian Bale story below does not add up. If I was Christian Bale’s mother and I was subjected to abuse by my son (they are even saying verbal abuse), I would not go to the police and report my son especially on the Batman premier night. I would scold him or not talk to him but not try to ruin my son’s career. And I am not defending Bale; I just see this as a stunt by his family to get attention or money. God Bless Hollywood!

Here is the full story…

Batman superstar Christian Bale was arrested today for allegedly assaulting his Mother and Sister in London. OH SNAP!

“A 34-year-old man attended a Central London police station this morning and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault," a police spokesman said.

Bale allegedly lashed out at his relatives in his suite at Park Lane’s Dorchester Hotel on Sunday.

According to Sky News, Bale's mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, went to police on Monday to make a formal allegation against Bale. The complaint about the actor was then passed on to the Metropolitan Police for further investigation.

Despite the alleged incident and report, Bale was allowed to attend the first European screening of the new Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight" in London's West End on Monday night.

He probably thought his meemaw and sister were in cahoots with The Joker? Bad joke? Yes, it's nap time now and I'm still on the computer typing celebrity gossip. So there.

UPDATE - Bale's rep issued the following statement:

“Christian Bale attended a London police station today, on a voluntary basis, in order to assist with an allegation that had been made against him to the police by his mother and sister,” the actor’s reps said in the statement. “Mr. Bale who denies the allegation, co-operated throughout, gave his account in full of the events in question, and has left the station without any charge being made against him by the police. At this time, there will be no further comment by Mr. Bale.”

and TMZ is reporting rumors that the accusations were for *verbal* assault.



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