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Seichou Karate

You can reach Seichou Karate at 807 North Royal Street Alexandria , Virginia 22314
Call them on (571) 257-5401 , or browse their website

About Seichou Karate

The opening of our new, 2,100 square foot dojo in North Old Town, Alexandria, in February 2008, has allowed us to expand programming to serve the entire community and people of all ages. We offer a unique inter-disciplinary program that includes traditional karate, sparring, self-defense, traditional Japanese weaponry like the short-staff, Japanese calligraphy, Japanese language, yoga, and other special courses for adults and youth, including a 5-day per week martial arts after-school program. Seichou Karate Limited® was founded in Alexandria, Virginia, in1998 by Richard Romero Sensei, a former Northeast and Southeast U.S. middleweight, knock-down karate champion. His goal was to help students to achieve a high level of physical conditioning as well as mental focus and a balanced attitude that would help them succeed in their everyday lives. In 2000, Seichou Karate® began offering classes at the Old Town Sport & Health Club of Alexandria, Virginia, where it rapidly grew its membership of committed karate students. At this location, Sensei Romero graduated 12 black belts ranging in age from 12 to 50, divided equally in number between males and females. On Feb 25th of 2008, Seichou Karate® Limited opened its doors to a new, state-of-the-art facility at 807 North Royal Street that boasts 2,100 square feet and a Japanese-culture-infused environment. The new space allows Seichou Karate to offer an extended schedule of classes for students of all ages. It includes a children’s after-school program for ages 8-12 and many hours of teen and adult course offerings in the afternoons and evenings. In addition to our main Alexandria, Virginia location, Seichou Karate® offers karate and self-defense classes at the Tenley Town Sport & Health Club, located in Washington, DC.