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Sam Phao Thai Cuisine

You can reach Sam Phao Thai Cuisine at 1019 King St Alexandria , Virginia 22314
Call them on (703) 548-3736 , or browse their website

About Sam Phao Thai Cuisine

Sam Phao Thai Cuisine, as an art of cooking has developed over the years of continuous influence of new ideas and techniques from our excellent chefs without compromising the authentic illustration of the original Thai Cuisine.

We never fail to provide the exquisite taste of Thai food popular for its balance of the five fundamental flavor: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime).

With our organic herbs and spices collected from quality-assured sources plus the famed-skill of our chefs in food presentation, Sam Phao Thai Cuisine hand out their food with no-less aromatic components and appearance that tantalize anyone’s senses as it is served.

To complete the package, comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere is being showcased at Sam Phao Thai Cuisine Restaurant. Our staffs are trained to render quality service and are all naturally welcoming. So, visit us at Alexandria, Virginia and experience the luxury of Sam Phao Thai Cuisine at reasonable prices!