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Diva Boutique

You can reach Diva Boutique at 116 South Pitt Street Alexandria , Virginia 22314
Call them on (703) 683-1022 , or browse their website

About Diva Boutique

Diva has truly been a labor of love for me. The concept of the store grew out of my over-the top shopping habit...I was completely out of control and in need of some intervention. I realized that I had been buying 1)the same black suit time and time again--for WAY too much money--and 2)pieces, though exquisite, which were not really reflective of my lifestyle. Apparently trying the stuff in the store put me in a jet-set mindset. I knew I needed to recover some of the money I had "invested" in these wonderful pieces. The Sex and the City episode in which Carrie realizes she has over $40,000 invested in shoes really hit home.