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Chakra Cafe

You can reach Chakra Cafe at 600 Franklin St Alexandria , Virginia 22314
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About Chakra Cafe

I had never even heard my name until I was three years old. As is common in our culture, I had been given a nickname early on and was called by it exclusively. I was always "Hashi" (Laughter). Imagine my surprise when I was informed by my Kindergarten teacher that my actual name was "Monisha". Life growing up to Bengali parents in the U.S. was not only full of surprises, but also created a strong sense of having two identities.

In my mind, I lead two completely different and unrelated lives. Monisha at school, Hashi at home. I loved twirling spaghetti around my fork at school as much as I loved using my hands to scoop up lamb curry with a piece of luchi at home. What could be better than living in two worlds? What could be more magical?

I would not choose to live in another time; I love how small the world is getting and the resulting changes in language, art and food. I am excited to be part of the first generation of first generation Americans of Indian heritage, and I have discovered that what is more magical than living in two worlds is experiencing the fusing of different cultures which has come to define our modern way of life.

Every description of India begins with its diversity and cultural richness. At Chakra Café, you will experience how that diversity allows the flavors of India to meld with the flavors of the world’s cuisines, such as Latin American, Thai, Chinese and Italian, to name a few.

Food is often described as a way to take a journey without leaving home, at Chakra Café, you are in for an adventure.