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Why Obama refuses to blast Trump over DACA - Source Politico

Posted on Sep 06,2017
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Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden listen as Diana Calderon, a student who has benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, speaks at a reception in the White House on Oct. 15, 2015. | Susan Walsh/AP

Source Politico


Think about how it’ll look on TV, Barack Obama told Donald Trump. All those kids being rounded up — teenagers, good kids. It’ll be all over cable news. Then he’d have to come out full blast himself, Obama told Trump, according to an aide to the former president who recounted the exchange.

The two of them were sitting in the Oval Office barely 30 hours after their first conversation ever, when Obama called Trump to say, “Congratulations, Mr. President-elect.” Maybe he’d gotten through, Obama told people afterward. But if not, and Trump still revoked protections for hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, it “would be something that would merit me speaking out,” Obama promised at his final news conference.

Source Politico

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