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Why Isn’t Sy Hersh Covering President Trump? - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Oct 09,2018
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Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - One afternoon this past summer, my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. When I answered, a frenzied, staccato clamor pummeled my ears—audible bedlam I interpreted as the mystery caller fumbling with the plastic console of an old-school landline. Eventually, the voice on the other end crackled to life.

“Yeah, okay, listen. It’s Sy Hersh. Who the f— do you think I am? Your f—ing wife? What do I look like to you? Your f—ing brother-in-law?”

I took silent inventory and found it unlikely I had confused Hersh, 81, for my in-law—a gay bodybuilder from Florida in his mid-forties—but then again, I’d never met Hersh in person.

“You want me to spend more time with you than my f—ing wife? No way, pal. There’s no f—ing way.”

Now there was silence: A speechless fermata rolled through the phone lines, like the widening wake in the rip-roaring trail of a hijacked rhetorical jet ski. I dug around for a proper response and silently scolded myself for having ignored the warnings about Seymour Hersh. The venerated investigative reporter of My Lai and Abu Ghraib fame—perhaps the greatest in the history of the profession—Hersh is equally known for exhausting his editors, baffling his friends, and wearying his colleagues. He had been described to me as “persuasive,” “flinty,” and “pugnacious”—Washington ciphers better keyed as “abrasive,” “fusty,” and “obnoxious”—and only now, all too late, did I understand that this imploding interview wouldn’t be a joyride but a hostage-taking. This jet ski had room for two.

Source Washingtonian

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