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'We are being outspent. We are being outpaced': Is America ceding the future of AI to China? - Source Politico

Posted on Jul 18,2019
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President Donald Trump (left) with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting of the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. Jinping’s emphasis on AI as part of his “China Dream” has a military aspect to it as well. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo
Source Politico

Source Politico


WASHINGTON, DC. - The last time a rival power tried to out-innovate the U.S. and marshaled a whole-of-government approach to doing it, the Soviet Union startled Americans by deploying the first man-made satellite into orbit. The Sputnik surprise in 1957 shook American confidence, galvanized its government and set off a space race culminating with the creation of NASA and the moon landing 50 years ago this month.

Two years since announcing a national plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030, China is making progress toward its goal on an unprecedented scale, raising the question of whether America’s laissez-faire approach to technology is enough and whether another Sputnik moment is around the corner, according to interviews for the latest episode of POLITICO’s Global Translations podcast.

Source Politico

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