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Trump's trust problem - Source Politico

Posted on May 16,2017
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Donald Trump publicly, in "The Art of the Deal," has bragged about his ability to exaggerate. - Getty

Source Politico


President Donald Trump was accused of leaking highly classified information to Russian officials, and White House officials wanted to fiercely rebut the charges.

But when senior national security officials strode to a podium on the West Wing driveway Monday night, they spoke for an administration that has strained its credibility by issuing a series of false, misleading or tortured statements on far less important matters. And they spoke for a president who less than a week ago said publicly that his aides and surrogates can’t be expected to give accurate statements, because they don’t always know what’s going on.

“This story is false,” said Dina Powell, a deputy national security adviser. “The story, as reported, is false,” said H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, hedging his words.

News outlets — including The New York Times and Reuters — confirmed the story reported by The Washington Post and published anyway, seemingly unconcerned about the denials, which came from two officials who have been respected in Washington for decades. The episode underscored Trump's challenge after months of misstatements over far less consequential matters.

Source Politico

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