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Trump the diplomatic dealmaker? It’s a tough sell for 2020 - Source Politico

Posted on May 09,2019
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The prospect of new American military engagements overseas could cut against President Donald Trump’s vow to reduce the country’s presence abroad.- Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Source Politico


WASHINGTON, DC. - President Donald Trump may have hoped to enter the heat of the 2020 presidential race boasting of having defanged Iran, defeated socialism in Venezuela and ended North Korea’s nuclear program — all without firing a shot.

Instead, the specter of American military action is looming in each country. In Iran, the government on Wednesday announced plans to restart some nuclear activity as Trump sent warships closer to the area. In Venezuela, a U.S.-supported uprising intended to oust autocrat Nicolás Maduro floundered last week, leaving opposition leaders openly discussing whether to welcome American military involvement. On North Korea, where Trump once warned of “fire and fury,” the Pentagon on Wednesday suspended efforts to negotiate the return of the remains of U.S. service members, a move that comes as Pyongyang resumes some missile tests.

The developments suggest Trump may struggle to portray himself in 2020 as a foreign policy savant capable of striking deals with even the most recalcitrant and malicious leaders. And the prospect of new American military engagements overseas could cut against Trump’s vow to reduce the country’s presence abroad, a major rallying cry for his loyal base. The possibility has even alarmed some Republicans, with a handful, like Indiana Sen. Todd Young, recently stressing that only Congress can declare war.

Source Politico

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