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Trump lawyers adopt Jim Jordan’s playbook to fight Dem oversight - Source Politico

Posted on May 16,2019
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Rep. Jim Jordan stressed in an interview that he’s not coordinating with the White House or President Donald Trump's outside attorneys in the ongoing congressional oversight battle. | John Minchillo/AP Photo
Source Politico

Source Politico


WASHINGTON, DC. - Rep. Jim Jordan has frequently defended President Donald Trump on cable news and gone to the mat for him on Capitol Hill. Now, the Ohio Republican’s hard-line playbook is making its way into federal court.

Trump’s outside legal team is taking cues from Jordan, adopting many of his arguments and even asking a federal judge to obtain documents from Jordan in order to build their legal case against Democrats’ myriad investigations targeting the president.

It’s an extraordinary move that underscores the alignment between Trump’s attorneys, who are advancing a restrictive view of Congress’ oversight authority, and Republicans, who are broadly resisting Democrats’ attempts to investigate alleged crimes committed by the president.

Source Politico

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