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Six Experts Explain Robert Mueller’s Impending Supreme Court Showdown - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Dec 27,2018
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Robert Mueller pictured in 2013. (Photo courtesy UPI/Kevin Dietsch via Creative Commons License.)

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - During the 18 months of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation, a cottage industry has emerged to decipher the famously tight-lipped former FBI chief’s ongoing probe: Call them the Muellerologists. We’ll be checking in with them periodically, as the investigation approaches its climax (or so we think).

In this edition: The mysterious case of the secret subpoena.

So far, perhaps no plot note in the Mueller probe has proved more intriguing, or furtive, than a sealed federal court case believed to be related to the Mueller probe; the parties in the case, and the specifics of the legal conflict, remain secret. The existence of the case, known simply as “In Re Grand Jury Subpoena,” was first reported by Politico in October, leading some to speculate that President Trump himself may have been subpoenaed. That now seems unlikely: In December, a ruling from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals—taking extraordinary measures of secrecy, including clearing out the courthouse during the hearing—offered a glimpse into the proceedings, with an unnamed company (“the Corporation”) owned by a foreign country (“Country A”), which was found in contempt for resisting a grand jury subpoena.

This week, the drama intensified, when the Supreme Court signaled an interest in the case. In a court order issued Sunday, Chief Justice John Roberts granted a stay to the contempt finding, and requested briefings on the case by December 31. Before the Supremes had a chance to weigh in, we had asked our panelists: What’s going on in the mysterious case? And what does it tell us about the direction of the Mueller probe?

Source Washingtonian

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