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Sea of Orange in Arlington - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jun 06,2018
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Robert Pallansch (left) and Marielouise Pallansch carrying a sign made by their son, Paul. Photo by Vernon Miles.

Source Connection news papers

By Vernon Miles

Karina de Leede remembered the Wear Orange event just a few years ago. It was also held outside the Ellen Bozman Government Center, but the crowd was much smaller. There was a sense of frustration, that nothing would change on gun control and a concern that life with gun violence was just going to remain the status quo. But just a few years later and the crowd gathered in that same courtyard is six times the size. The entrance to the County Board offices on June 1 was filled with orange shirts and scarves, with some ralliers carrying signs advocating for more gun control.

The June 1 rally was part of a nationwide “Wear Orange” event. The event was organized by Moms Demand Action, a group that emerged from social media in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Beth Fine, the organizer, said she’d always been concerned about gun control, but that her feelings on it were hardened when her friend was an innocent bystander who was shot and killed outside Ben’s Chili Bowl.

“We’re doing two things,” said Fine. “We’re raising awareness and giving people a roadmap to change.”

Source Connection news papers

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