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Rep. Moran: Fiscal Cliff Bill 'Wholly Inadequate' - Source Patch

Posted on Jan 03,2013
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U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. Credit James Cullum / Patch file

Source Patch

By Sharon McLoone

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Although feuding lawmakers on Capitol Hill finally reached a deal Tuesday night preventing the nation from diving off the now world-famous “fiscal cliff,” Northern Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran is not happy with the new legislation.

Moran, who represents Virginia’s 8th District, called the bill “hastily crafted,” “wholly inadequate” and said the measure puts Northern Virginia “on the chopping block.”

Moran said the bill leaves the country with three more fiscal cliffs to negotiate over the next three months.

“Each of these deadlines represents a major political battle in which nearly 40 percent of Northern Virginia's economy in terms of federal contracts and federal employees will be on the chopping block," he said. "Our leverage to strike a balanced deal will only be weaker in those coming battles following passage of this bill."

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