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Patrick Murray defeats Mathew Berry in GOP Primary

Michael Gryboski
By Michael Gryboski
Posted on Jun 16,2010
Filed Under Local Politics , Politics,

Photo by Michael Gryboski <br />J. Patrick Murray, 8th District Congressional Candidate, and Alexandria Chamber Chair Charles Banta
Photo by Michael Gryboski
J. Patrick Murray, 8th District Congressional Candidate, and Alexandria
Chamber Chair Charles Banta

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – With 51.74% of the vote, Eighth Congressional District hopeful Patrick Murray defeated Matthew Berry for the Republican nomination.

According to his regular updates, Berry was initially ahead.

With 5 precincts reporting, Berry was ahead by 10 points.

However, as more precincts reported, the percentage gradually narrowed, with 19% of precincts reporting giving a 53-47 margin, 41% giving a 52-48 margin, and 64% giving a 51-49 margin.

Of over 400,000 eligible voters, only 13,784 cast a ballot for the race, with Murray winning with 7,133
to Berry’s 6,651.

Eventually Murray would overtake Berry with fewer than 500 votes.

“While last night's results were not what we had hoped for, I wanted to thank everyone that voted for me, volunteered for the campaign, and/or donated. I am honored that you chose to stand beside me and am proud of the campaign that we ran,” wrote Berry on his campaign Facebook group, which had over 750 members.

On the Facebook group “Patrick Murray for Congress”, which has as of this date 890+ members, the mood was more jubilant.

“Congratulations Patrick! You and the Murray for Congress team did a great job! On to November!” declared the group administrator just before 10:00 PM, about a half-hour after the final tally of votes was made.

Comments made on the wall of the group ranged from “Congratulations!” and “Congratulations Patrick!” to “Now let's get Jim Moran!!” and “beat Moran.”

Murray will go on to run against Democratic incumbent Congressman Jim Moran in November. This is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

As written by Scott McCaffrey of the Sun Gazette, “Moran occupies one of the safest districts for Democrats across Virginia, and has not faced a serious challenge in years despite a well-chronicled series of foibles that have proved fodder for his campaign opponents.”

“Murray will have to pull together a fractured Republican base, which saw the primary careen toward its conclusion on sour notes,” Caffrey continued.

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