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Mike Pompeo's dilemma: Stick with Trump or bet on his own future - Source Politico

Posted on Jun 25,2019
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has turned down the idea of running for Senate, but many of those closest to him say it's very much still an option. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Source Politico

Source Politico


WASHINGTON, DC. - Mike Pompeo is the GOP’s best shot at keeping a must-win Senate seat in Republican hands. But he’s also the most stable national security voice in an administration that’s constantly on the verge of cracking up — setting up a high-stakes dilemma for the secretary of State and his party.

Pompeo said in February that he had “ruled out” a Senate run in 2020 but several of his confidants say that is simply not the case and that he is quietly evaluating the next steps in his political career.

Over the coming months, the former GOP congressman will have to decide whether to stay as one of President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers — something many Trump allies say is his patriotic duty amid myriad international crises — or seek a Senate seat in Kansas that could lay the groundwork for a presidential run of his own.

Source Politico

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