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Local Business Leader Cal Simmons Hosts Presidential Nominee John Delaney

Posted on Jul 19,2019
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ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Cal Simmons, a local Alexandria business leader and Angel Investor, hosted a meet-and-greet event on July 16th for presidential nominee John Delaney.  “Most of you know that I am not much of a political animal.  But occasionally someone comes along that I feel compelled to support.  In the past that has included Alexandria’s own Mark Warner and Don Beyer,” Cal said in his invitation.
The event was held at Cal’s residence in Old Town Alexandria and was well attended.  
It was really refreshing to hear John speak with a genuine passion for restoring America’s non-partisan-politics and focusing on the day to day issues that concern all Americans rather than the political rhetoric filling the air waves.  He sounded like the Biden we wanted to be but never materialized.  
John was very explicit and assertive when it came to the next generation’s dream of a better future.  He did not waste a second attacking his opponents but rather on how to help Americans heal their political wounds and move together towards a cleaner and a prosperous future.  
Here are john’s positions on the main issues we face:
Climate Change:

Create a carbon fee and dividend, which is modeled after the legislation that I introduced in Congress. It was the only bipartisan bill on climate change in Congress, by the way. This puts a fee on carbon, which makes fossil fuels more expensive and less attractive, and it takes all the money generated from these fees, $3 trillion over 10 years, and gives it back to the American people in the form of a dividend. So in many ways it increases energy costs related to fossil fuels, which makes us use less fossil fuels. It takes all the money associated with those increases in energy cost and it gives it right back to the American people. So it goes out one pocket and in another. And what’s good about that is as a market mechanism to address climate change, which has been proven to work in Columbia University’s model, this proposal would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 92%.

  • Create a new public health care plan for all Americans under the age of 65 while preserving traditional Medicare. The new plan would protect the reforms delivered by the Affordable Care Act, including guaranteed coverage of preexisting conditions and essential health benefits, and would make access truly universal. At 65, people would transition into Medicare. Medicaid would be absorbed by the new plan. The highly trusted Medicare provider network could be used for the new plan.   
  • Guarantee universal coverage. Individuals would be automatically enrolled in the new public plan, with no complicated procedures to follow. People would be allowed to opt-out and receive a tax credit to buy their own insurance policy if they choose.
  • Keep private insurance options. Individuals and employers will be able to purchase and negotiate supplemental coverage from private insurers to cover additional health needs. These supplementals could merge into the basic plan to make it easier for the user. 
  • Employers would be encouraged to negotiate group rate supplemental plans that would merge with the basic governmental plan so that employees would be able to keep similar health care plans, many of which are very popular and important to American families.

In order to be sustainable, universal health care needs to be paid for. Delaney’s plan will lower the overall cost of health care and put the government on a responsible fiscal path.


  • Create a clear path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and DREAMers.
  • Invest in effective border security, including high tech solutions, fencing, increased security personnel, and improvements to ports of entry to improve national security.
  • Reform the visa program for guest workers.
  • Increase refugee cap for resettlement in the U.S.

If you like what you read here, please go to John’s website to learn more about him and donate to his campaign.

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