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Left adopts shock tactics in Obamacare repeal fight - Source Politico

Posted on May 09,2017
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Activists gather March 11 near Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York, where they staged a rally and symbolic “die-in” in opposition to the Obamacare repeal. | AP Photo

Source Politico


WASHINGTON, DC. - One newly formed progressive super PAC is planning to cart caskets to Republican lawmakers' districts and hold mock funerals for their constituents. Another activist is encouraging protesters to ship their own ashes — should they die without health care —to GOP lawmakers. And other progressive groups are planning graphic "die-in" protests as they work to derail GOP plans to repeal Obamacare.

Democrats, already frothing with anger over losing the White House to Donald Trump, are seething anew over the advancing Republican plan to gut Obamacare. Now, many on the left want to translate that fury into political tactics meant to exact maximum pain on Republicans.

Now, some liberal groups and activists are hoping to use macabre theatrics to gin up voter frustration toward Republicans over what Democrats view as a disastrous change in health care policy.

Source Politico

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