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Law to keep sex offenders off social media may be struck down - Source Washington post

Posted on Mar 03,2017
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(Jose Luis Magana/AP)

Source Washington post

By Robert Barnes

WASHINGTON, DC. - Lester Gerard Packingham praised Jesus on his Facebook page and simultaneously committed a felony. But his conviction may not stand for long.

A majority of the Supreme Court on Monday seemed prepared to strike down a North Carolina law that makes it a crime for a registered sex offender such as Packingham to access social media sites even years after they have served their sentences or completed probation.

Packingham, then 21, pleaded guilty 15 years ago to having sex with a 13-year-old and received a suspended sentence. But in 2010, he violated the state’s social media prohibition by posting a jubilant Facebook message about escaping punishment in traffic court.

“Man God is Good! How about I got so much favor they dismissed the ticket before court even started? . . . Praise be to GOD, WOW! Thanks JESUS!”

Source Washington post

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