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Ken Cuccinelli’s ‘Best Piece of Service’

Michael Gryboski
By Michael Gryboski
Posted on Jun 07,2010
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Photo by FLICKR/photos/kngo/3992514977/<br /> <br />Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax)
Photo by FLICKR/photos/kngo/3992514977/
Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax)

ALEXANDRIA, VA.Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax) took office as Attorney General for the McDonnell administration having had nearly two-thirds of Virginians vote for him.
Cuccinelli weathered claims of being a right-wing extremist and out of the mainstream to soundly defeat his Democratic opponent.
Yet, as Attorney General Cuccinelli issues a subpoena to view various documents of climate change researcher Michael Mann, many cry foul.
Virginia's universities in particular find themselves on the opposite side of Cuccinelli, with students and faculty alike publicly denouncing Cuccinelli’s letter telling colleges to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from their list of protected groups.
As numerous Facebook groups attest, the Attorney General has garnered infamy among college youth and others who skew left of the political spectrum.
Cuccinelli’s response has been simple: he’s just doing his job.
I offer a furthermore to this laconic defense: he’s doing an unpopular job that needs to be done.
If there is one crucial flaw virtually every society has, its putting entities above criticism, namely entities that should be critically examined.
Conservative, liberal, moderate, religious, secular it does not matter. All groups mentioned are guilty of doing it sometime or another.
Cuccinelli is doing his job, which includes investigating entities that people may not want to have investigated and removing favoritism people may not want removed.
Take his letter to college administrators regarding their policies adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of legally protected groups.

Photo by FLICKR/cornelluniversitylibrary/4360173718/<br /> <br />John Adams, our second President. <br />
Photo by FLICKR/cornelluniversitylibrary/
John Adams, our second President.

Cuccinelli’s legal point that only the General Assembly can create protected classes in the Commonwealth was valid.
It must have been valid, because for all the responses made to his letter, I never recall seeing a single instance of someone refuting it.
All this was selective rage.
If the colleges of Virginia had opted for fewer legally protected classes, these same activists would have pleaded with Cuccinelli to step in and condemned the acts of university administrators.
Similar favoritism falls into climate change research. Because of a good PR campaign and popular sensitivities, the climate change awareness movement has garnered an aura of immaculate demeanor.
This even with the now commonly reported “Climategate,” in which a large number of emails were leaked to the public from a British climate research group, showing that researchers were distorting or censoring data that conflicted with their thesis.
It makes sense that, in response to what was happening in Britain, things be done here to verify the legitimacy of climate change research; especially when plenty of tax dollars are going to its operations.
One should not have to be a Global Warming Denialist to question the accuracy of climate change data.
Cuccinelli has a chance to do great things even amidst the storm of knee-jerk reactions to his unpopular labors.
In one respect, he has the opportunity to become another John Adams.
After the Boston massacre, in which American blood was shed by British regulars, the Boston populace demanded revenge.
However, it was decided to try in court the British soldiers who fired upon the crowd.
It was John Adams, founding father, future president, who defended those who in the eyes of most were already guilty.
His points were so well argued, that five of the soldiers were acquitted and two were found guilty of manslaughter rather than murder.
Upon reflecting on his defense of the hated British, Adams wrote it was “one of the best pieces of Service I ever rendered my Country.”
The controversial acts Cuccinelli is doing as Attorney General may not be appreciated now, but in the long run they have the chance to be to our benefit.
Any organization, any ideology, any movement marketed as doing no wrong will eventually start to believe it can do no wrong. And then we would have a problem.

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