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God Shed His Grace on Thee in Alexandria - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Oct 25,2017
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Ralph Northam, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, addressed Alfred Street Baptist Church’s 13th Annual Political Forum, Oct. 12. Also pictured are Elroy Sailor, right, who spoke on behalf of Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for governor; and Ashlei Stevens (left), a D.C.-based media relations director who moderated.

Source Connection news papers

By Dan Brendel

A political forum at Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC), featuring candidates in the upcoming statewide election, showcased the complex interrelationship between religion, politics and race.

Goals of the Oct. 12 event included informing attendees about candidates’ platforms and increasing voter engagement and turnout. Speakers included 11 candidates, or their representatives, from a variety of local and state races.

Event leaders and several candidates expressly invoked religion.

The opening prayer appealed to God, “the Governor of all governors,” and concluded “in Jesus’ name.” Justin Fairfax, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, said that his optimism for American politics derives from the fact that “God still sits on the throne.” Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate for governor, mentioned his Baptist roots. And Elroy Sailor, representing Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor, cited “the Good Book” in vouching for Gillespie’s character. Gillespie, a Catholic, has said, “I believe we’re all created in the image and likeness of God.”

While the event was nonpartisan, its de facto hue was blue.

Source Connection news papers

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