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'Get the money in early': 2020 donor hunt ignites - Source politico

Posted on May 13,2019
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, careful not to violate her self-imposed fundraising restrictions, is not attracting the throngs of celebrity support that some other 2020 Democrats have enjoyed. | Sergio Flores/Getty Images

Source politico


Elizabeth Warren has sworn off attending big-money private fundraisers. But a small group of Hollywood writers and producers recently gathered over drinks to talk about how to raise money for Warren’s presidential campaign without her.

Warren’s personal ban on behind-closed-doors fundraising — a practice she now criticizes for giving the wealthy undue access to politicians — presents “a bit of a challenge” for the group, said writer and producer Franklin Hardy, who supports Warren’s stance. “Do we have a stand-up comedy night at somebody’s house? Can we get her to Skype in? Or do we just have big get-togethers?”

While accepting that money won’t violate Warren’s anti-access pledge, it does highlight a shift by her campaign and others in the 2020 presidential race. After spending the first months of 2019 fixated on small-dollar online support and adopting rhetoric shunning bigger donors, campaigns are now taking stronger steps to bring wealthy and well-connected supporters into the fold. Jolted by Joe Biden’s splashy $6.3 million first day in the Democratic primary, many of Biden’s rivals are increasingly hungry for bigger donors’ support.

Source politico

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