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Constable: The U.S. struggles with identity as a 'Nation of Immigrants' - Source Dailyherald

Posted on Jul 05,2018
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The United States of America always has been a nation of immigrants. But that
truth hasn't been easy.
Burt Constable - Staff Photographer

Source Dailyherald

By Burt Constable

WASHINGTON, DC. - The speech eighth-grader Mary Stuhr of St. Alexander Catholic School in Villa Park read to win an American Legion competition in 1951 called for America to be "the key to freedom." Stuhr, now 80 and living in Addison, said most of that essay was written by her father, Theodore Roosevelt Weitzel, who urged America to stand up for the weak, shun "isolation" and secure "freedom for others around the globe."

"It reminded me of what's going on today," Stuhr says. We're still grappling with our nation's role as a global provider of freedom and haven for those needing help.

The United States of America celebrates July 4 as the 242nd anniversary of the day our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Eight of those 56 men who signed that document were immigrants born in foreign countries. The rest were British colonists who became Americans by virtue of that piece of paper.

Source Dailyherald

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