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City council announces legislative agenda for 2018 - Source Alextimes

Posted on Nov 01,2017
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City council announced its 2018 legislative agenda at a meeting on Tuesday night (File photo)

Source Alextimes

By Alexa Epitropoulos

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - City council heard Alexandria’s proposed legislative agenda for the 2018 General Assembly session at its legislative meeting on Tuesday.

City priorities include outfalls funding, as well as money for Metro and schools. It also calls for the commonwealth to fund body cameras for the Alexandria Police Department, provide money for ‘competitive’ salaries for local state employees and increase funding to the city’s opioid treatment programs in the face of growing demand.

The city’s top request is for the commonwealth to fund 20 percent of the combined sewer outfalls project, or $77 million. Gov. Terry McAuliffe in April signed into law a bill that gave Alexandria a deadline of 2025 to complete its project. The project’s total estimated cost is $385 million. The city requested approval for the $77 million in state bonds, but asked, if that isn’t feasible, for $104 million to be included in the state biennium budget.

Funding for the Metro is also requested to improve its safety and reliability. The city cited in its legislative package that Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority needs $500 million annually from the Northern Virginia region in dedicated funding, meaning, according to WMATA’s formula, Virginia would contribute 28 percent, or $140 million, annually.

Source Alextimes

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