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12 Shades of Blue in Alexandria - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jun 13,2018
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Michael Lee Pope was moderator for the Alexandria Democratic Committee City Council debate. Photo by James Cullum/Gazette Packet

Source Connection news papers

By Vernon Miles

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - They may all be Democrats, but don’t think the 12 candidates for City Council are on the same page. At the June 5 City Council debate at Hammond Middle School, bitter divisions emerged between candidates. The debate saw incumbent candidates and a few establishment-supporting newcomers set against a group of challengers taking a more hardline stance — that the current City Council had lost the trust of Alexandrians.

There were policy topics nearly everyone agreed on. Nearly every candidate supported the idea of two-year budgets. Most candidates focused parking policies around minimum spaces rather than maximums. Every candidate hated the Mark Center Building as a paragon of bad city design.

But when it came to the vote on enforcing the limit on public speaking at public hearings to 30 minutes at the start of the meeting, a controversial topic during the mayoral debates, the cracks between the groups started to emerge.

Source Connection news papers

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