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Obama, Ivanka Trump joined by new Kalorama neighbor
Feb 24,2017

The District’s Kalorama neighborhood has long been home to diplomats and lower-profile power players, but the roster of residents has gone high-profile lately.

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Alexandria property taxes, fees may go up under new budget
Feb 24,2017

Property taxes would go up in Alexandria, and residents may be hit with new and higher fees, under a budget proposal for the coming fiscal year. "Alexandria is at a crossroads," said City Manager Mark Jinks.

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The Deep-State Theory Cuts Both Ways - Source Newyorker
Feb 21,2017

Four weeks into the Trump Administration, the intense polarization of the election has migrated to the federal bureaucracy. There have been scenes of visible dissent from

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ICE agents arrest men leaving Alexandria church shelter
Feb 17,2017

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is asking the head of the Department of Homeland Security whether immigration agents are improperly targeting places of worship to question and detain people who may be in the country

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Judge grants injunction against Trump travel ban in Virginia - Source Star advertiser
Feb 15,2017

A federal judge today granted a preliminary injunction barring the Trump administration from implementing its travel ban in Virginia, adding another judicial

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Trump Has Made Washington More Culturally Relevant Than Ever - Source Washingtonian
Feb 14,2017

Washington's sizzle was supposed to fizzle when President Trump was inaugurated last month. “With Obama's departure, will Washington still be cool?" the Boston Globe wondered

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Ex-Guardsman to be sentenced for Islamic State group support
Feb 10,2017

Mohamed Jalloh served six years in the National Guard and about 18 hours as a recruit of the Islamic State group. Jalloh, 27, of Sterling, Virginia, is to be sentenced Friday for providing material

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Senate Proposes Alexandria Sewer Overflow Deadline - Source Connection news papers
Feb 08,2017

The Virginia Senate has advanced legislation to establish an extremely aggressive timeline for the City of Alexandria to address concerns over its Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO).

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