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Posted on Nov 16,2009
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Photo by FLICKR/richellea/3053517907/


I am two months into a new job in Old Town with a steep learning curve and my new boss doesn't trust me.  She came out of her office to tell me that my sharing of certain information hadn't been the right thing to do.  All ten people in my cubicle heard her public criticism.  I hesitated to say anything because I was taken aback and not sure I agreed with her.  
In the current project, we are all responsible for sensitive information and share major developments.  Since my boss is not intimately involved, she did not have that reference of sharing.  I am confident I did the right thing.  Time will show her that I do good work and earn her trust.  Meanwhile, how do I demonstrate that I am a capable professional?    I am hesitant to go to see her because she may say I am underperforming.  I am doing an ok job, but I have goofed up, and she has had to use her time to train me.  

Dear New Boss,
Although you do not yet trust yourself in the new job, evidence – your knowing in the face of your boss’ public criticism that you did the right thing – indicates that this is turning around.
While time will bring your boss to trust you (and you to trust yourself), you do need her confidence ASAP.  
Occasionally life gives us a positive, competent boss who leads well.  Your boss is not one of these.  She comes out publicly to sting like a bee.  Her job is to train you, and yours is to teach her how to work with you.  Meet with her on a day when your confidence is up.  Since she expects to be stung, be gentle with her.  
State your intention to perform your job well.  Invite her to tell you how she would have shared information with others on the project.  Listen well.  In the course of the discussion you will be able to describe how your decisions were made.  Let her fine tune.  Mention that you were embarrassed by her public criticism.
Next time she will know how to approach and work with you.
Let me know how it resolves.  

Merrily Preston is an Intentional Life Facilitator, who lives in Woodbridge. Her column is exclusive to Local Kicks. Email questions to, or use online form at

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