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The environment

Posted on Jan 12,2009
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I am a student in the eighth grade at Carl Sandburg Middle School. Two words in today's society seem to cause a lot of commotion. Climate Change. Some say it's us, some says it's just a natural cycle. I personally think it is both. Yes the earth has patterns, and maybe we haven't been around long enough to have seen this happen before. But there has to be some reason why the changes are starting again, why now? It is us. We are speeding up the process by depleting the ozone layer and not recycling. Although it is not all our fault, we should at least try to help. Try recycling those old newspapers sitting in your trash can. Toss the bottle in the blue bucket. Trade in that gas guzzling Hummer for a hybrid. Things will probably never go back to "normal", but it can't hurt, right?
Madeline Marshall

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