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global warming

Posted on Jan 12,2009
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Brian Tyler Smith
1000 Priscilla Lane
Alexandria VA, 22308

Hi my name is Brian Smith and I am an eight grader at Carl Sandburg Middle School.  I believe that Americans are accelerating the global warming in our earth by using too much energy.  Even though America only has five percent of the world’s population, we consume 26 percent of the world’s energy.  America is ranked second in the world when it comes to consuming energy.  Keeping these two ideas in mind, Americans use fifteen times more energy as people in other countries.  This means that Americans are accelerating global warming fifteen times faster than the average person in another country.  We Americans are building a bad reputation in this country but I believe that if we pull ourselves together and begin recycling and running our automobiles off biodiesel fuels than we can make a difference and mend our bad reputation.  Every person can make a difference by just reusing a water bottle or riding there bike to work.  Its not that much to ask for and I believe that we owe mother nature some time off from all our carbon emissions.

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