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Wind Power

Posted on Jan 13,2009
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My name is Mac Sommers and I am a student a Carl Sandburg Middle School in Alexandria Va. I am writing to you about energy conservation. I am concerned that we will leave a dirty environment and a polluted earth to our children to clean up. I have found some easy ways to help the environment that don’t take very long. The first way is to put energy efficient light bulbs in your house. They use 75% less power and they last up to 10 times longer. The next is to try and wash clothes in cold water, 85% of the energy used is to heat the water. Also, unplug appliances like computers when you are not using them. Energy still leaks into the device. You can buy smart strips that automatically cut the power when it senses the appliances are off. If you can, you should buy a low flow shower head. It saves water and it saves you money. Lastly, recycle all your old elec tronics. The mercury that is released in land fills kills fish. Electronic waste makes up 2% of total pollution. If you follow just some of these things we can all do our part in saving the environment. Thanks for your time.

Mac Sommers

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