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Posted on Jan 13,2009
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I am a student a Carl Sandburg Middle School. Starting off the New Year of 2009, our science is beginning the unit of Investigating Energy and Its Transformations. Many students of our school have strong opinions about whether global warming is a natural cause. Other students, including me, believe that the climate change is caused by us. In my family, we recycle newspapers, boxes, bottles and cans. Just recently, Carl Sandburg put up a recycling bin in our cafeteria. Students are asked to take their cans and bottles and recycle them instead of tossing them in the trash. Even if some people may think that this climate change is just a natural cause, would recycling hurt? I mean, there are benefits from recycling such as saving money. Using the same products over again makes is so we don’t have to create new ones. Let’s go green and help save our earth!

Emma Wright
Carl Sandburg student

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