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Global Warming

Posted on Jan 13,2009
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I am an 8th Grader at Carl Sandburg Middle School and have written to address the public's hysteria over the global warming theory and its affect on the earth.  It has not been proven and therefore we can not build up a fear of what we know to be a natural cycle.  Throughout time, the earth has gone through cycles that transition between warming and cooling periods.  We should take steps to improve, not harm, our environment, but we should not think the earth is dying because of global warming.  

Species extinction is also considered a catastrophe, when it is a natural occurrence.  Species die off and new species come to life.  In fact, Arizona State University researchers reported that 16,969 new species were found in 2006, and in the Mekong Delta 1,068 new species were found in 2008.  Humans should not hurt the environment wrongfully or unnaturally, but we are at the top of the food chain and it is our way of life to get food from animals and plants.  I am not saying that we should stop recycling, pollute, and kill animals cruelly, but we should not overreact to climate change and species extinction.
Toni Stapleton
8504 Wendell Dr. Alexandria, VA

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