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Climate Change

Posted on Jan 13,2009
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 Dear Editor,

My name is Maddy Bolger, and I am an eighth grader at Carl Sandburg Middle School. Recently we have started a unit on climate change. There has been a lot of discussion about the issue of global warming. Some people believe it'ss mainly man's fault. I and other people believe that the planet is warming up naturally, but humankind is speeding up the process.

One way to slow down the process of global warming is very obvious, recycling! Recycle anything you can, it¢s a simple way to help save the planet. Aluminum cans that are thrown away will still be cans 500 years from now. However, a can has no limit to the amount of time it can be recycled. Did you know, one recycled aluminum can is able to power a television for three hours! Think of how much power we can save if everybody recycled one more can everyday. We could heat 50 million houses for 20 years with the amount of paper and wood we throw away. So, based on just this little information, think of all we can save if we just recycled a little more.  It would be so easy!

Maddy Bolger

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