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Pat's Market is gone after over 20 years in Belle Haven

Posted on Jun 20,2014
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ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Pat's market is closing and our guess is a restaurant is moving in.  There has been rumors that some of the residents of Belle Haven are buying it, but nobody is sure.  It is sad to see it go since it has served many generations in the past and you always  wondered what products you will find there.  

Pat's Market has been at 1401 Belle Haven Rd
Alexandria, VA 22307, for over 20 years, providing the community with a last minute shopping venue.  But the more you got to know the owner, the more you discovered his talent for pulling together some amazing recipes made just for you.  Check his ratings at Yelp and discover how people loved his food.

Here are some of his reviews

"First of all this place is not just a convenience store where bait and fishing stuff is sold, although I did have that impression the first time  bcus the place from outside looks like a place you just stop by to buy a refreshment  but boy was I surprise!

They have a simple breakfast menu and a lunch menu with anything from pizza, steak and cheese, wings,burgers to Ceviche, pupusas,oven roast chicken, carne azada (steak)
and fried fish too!!!! but maybe only for dinner i dont' know

The place is small so at lunch time you won't have where to sit so is best to order and pick up,  today i ordered Ceviche and TACOS and it was like nothing i had before.. the tacos were made with "fresh made tortillas" not Flour tortilla "fresh made corn tortillas"  who would've thought that makes a difference huh.. and the meat on the taco was real steak not ground meat which had an unbelievable taste I add it some Salsa verde to them and it was like i was in  heaven lol, my daughter had a steak and cheese with fries and it was really good too.”

"Pat's Market is a little gem of a place.  While many may stop-in for a soda or some chips, what you can really get here is friendly conversation and incredible PUPUSAS.  A traditional Salvadorian dish,  pupusas are basically a big stuffed tortilla. My favorite are the bean and cheese.  Two of them are quite filling and they are of course served with curtido (Salvadoran cabbage salad).

 Many of the girls I work with go here for the pizza and the grilled cheese sandwiches.”

We will miss you Pat.  Please let us know your thoughts about Pat’s market and what should replace it.

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