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One of Virginia’s Top Indian Restaurateurs Is Opening Bombay Street Foods in DC - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Nov 30,2018
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Vada Pav, one of Asad Sheikh’s favorite treats growing up. Photograph by Emma McAlary.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Restaurateur Asad Sheikh has built a mini kingdom in northern Virginia with 1947, London Curry House, and three Curry Mantra restaurants. This Friday, Nov. 30, he expands into DC with Bombay Street Food, a Columbia Heights restaurant paying homage to the street vendors of his childhood.

In preparation for the debut, Sheikh revisited Bombay (now Mumbai) with his partners and chefs Pradip Shrestha and Dolly Khan. “We flew to Bombay for ten days just to make sure that what I was eating is still the same taste,” Sheikh says. “So we went to the same stalls, the same vendors. Of course, it’s the second generation now who owns it.”

Among the dishes Sheikh has revived from his childhood is Indo-Chinese chili chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with curry leaves. The restaurant will also serve a vindaloo, the hottest dish on the menu. Sheikh says he has previously been hesitant about the spice levels in his restaurants, but now he’s not holding back. The spices are directly imported from couriers in India, who dry the seeds in the sunlight before they are ground into an aromatic powder.

Source Washingtonian

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