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Here's The Best Coffee Shops In Virginia And DC

Posted on Aug 10,2018
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By Deb Belt

ARLINGTON, VA — Coffee is the key to surviving early morning wake-ups and arduous commutes. Losing coffee would be like losing an arm or a leg. Maybe both. But, as any serious coffee connoisseur will tell you, not every cup of java is created equal, and not every cafe with a "World's Best Coffee" sign has, you know, even decent coffee.

Fortunately, the Daily Meal decided to take the guesswork out of the equation and published the definitive list of best coffee shops in each state. In Virginia, the best shop is Northside Social Coffee & Wine in Arlington, while the foodie website says Peregrine Espresso brews the best coffee in Washington, D.C.

Here's what the authors had to say about Northside Social Coffee:

"You don't need to pick between the benefits of coffee and wine; enjoy the best of both at Northside Social Coffee & Wine. In addition to coffee — hot or iced — and espresso, you can also have tea and chai lattes for your caffeine fix. The wine bar has all sorts of different wines — sparkling, white, rosé, reds, amber — as well as cocktails, and you can't go wrong with the breakfast sandwiches, quiches, or dinner fare such as pimento cheese deviled eggs and meatball skewers."

And their description of Peregrine Espresso:

"In addition to good service and good coffee, Peregrine Espresso is a shop that cares deeply about education and sustainability. Baristas from all three locations further their coffee knowledge and prowess through regional and national barista and brewers competitions, and Peregrine also holds classes and events meant to further educate the public about coffee. In addition to a wide variety of coffees, they serve some of the best hot chocolate in D.C., as well as organic tea, croissants, muffins, tea cakes, fruit scones, fig bars, and more. You'll enjoy it even more knowing that Peregrine Espresso puts a big emphasis on composting and recycling, utilizing reusable glass milk bottles and wind power."

A survey by the National Coffee Association suggests more Americans than ever before are drinking coffee, and the charge is being lead by young people. The percentage of people who drink coffee every day increased to 62 percent last year from 57 percent in 2016, according to the NCA's 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends consumption tracking report.

The organization said one of the biggest drivers behind the increase is a growing appetite for "gourmet coffee varieties."

"More of us are drinking coffee, and younger consumers appear to be leading the charge," said Bill Murray, NCA president and CEO. "A steadily growing taste for gourmet varieties is also driving a wider trend toward specialty beverages."

Although Americans typically like their coffee to-go, the Daily Meal said many of the best coffee shops are priding themselves on quality rather than mass production, a movement known as the "third wave."

"As a result of the third wave of coffee, more and more coffee shops are emphasizing their production process, making sure to utilize or partner with roasters and farms that demonstrate responsible methods of growing, harvesting, and processing coffee beans," the authors wrote.

These cafes are also putting an emphasis on their direct relationships with coffee growers, traders and roasters, as well as higher skilled brewing, using better beans and even coming up with unique latte art, the report said.

To come up with the list, the Daily Meal reviewed its previous rankings and stories on local coffee shops, then examined existing rankings and review websites to see which cafes and coffee-centric restaurants had the highest ratings and were most beloved by locals and tourists. Most of the shops were small businesses, rather than chains.

"Above all, we looked for shops with a nice sit-in area, a high level of barista skill and creativity, multiple food options that vary throughout the day, a variety of specialty coffee drinks, originality, and a high level of service," the authors wrote.

Click here to see the full report.

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