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Gravitas Is the First Tasting Menu Restaurant in Ivy City - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jul 05,2018
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Gravitas from chef Matt Baker is located in a former tomato packing factory in Ivy City. Photo by Jessica Sidman.

Source Washingtonian


First came the distilleries, then the casual eateries, the fitness studios, and the Mom’s Organic Market. Now, once-industrial Ivy City has an upscale restaurant where dinner starts at $78.

Gravitas, opening today, is a tasting menu-only restaurant led by 31-year-old chef Matt Baker, who’s previously worked at City Perch, Occidental Grill, Minibar, and Brasserie Beck. The eclectic menu brings together flavors from the mid-Atlantic, Baker’s Houston upbringing, and his time working in Singapore and traveling throughout Asia.

Diners build their own four- to seven-course meal from a list of around 20 dishes. Half of the options are vegetarian. Baker initially planned to have a separate menu specifically for vegetarians, but reimagined the format to appeal to the many “vegetarians with exceptions” he encountered. “A lot of people would say, ‘Oh I’m a vegetarian, but I eat scallops.’ You’re not really a vegetarian, but whatever. It allows us to really approach that without judging, and you can do whatever you want.”

Source Washingtonian

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