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Every Day Is Pizza Day for Potomac Resident - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jul 04,2017
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David Dixon, manager of Domino's Pizza in Potomac Oaks Shopping Center, rolls dough before making a pizza crust at the store last week. Photo by Peggy McEwan/The Almanac

Source Connection news papers

By Peggy McEwan/The Almanac

POTOMAC, MD. - There's a new look at Domino's in Potomac Oaks Shopping Center at the intersection of Travilah and Glen roads.

The formerly carryout-only store has expanded, added seating and child-friendly touches like a big blackboard wall and chalk for drawing and steps up in front of a Plexiglas wall for watching the “Dough Show.”

There is no table service but customers can come in, order pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salads, even desserts and eat there, Ed Treacy, owner of the franchise, said.

Treacy, who grew up in Potomac and still lives in the area, has owned the Potomac Oaks Domino’s franchise for 22 years and is a story of success and community, according to Guy Semmes, who owns the shopping center.

Semmes said the expansion of Domino's and addition of seating meets a need in the community.

“We need that at that shopping center because we have the new park [Greenbrier Local Park on Glen Road] and the museum [Glenstone] going in,” Semmes said.

Source Connection news papers

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