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DC Foie Fest Reignites the Fight: Delicious or Cruel? - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Oct 27,2016
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Foie gras with shortcakes from Proof. The restaurant is making two dishes for the festival. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

Source Washingtonian

By Maxine Joselow

WASHINGTON, DC. - "Happy ducks are tasty ducks."

Or so says Ariane Daguin, founder of D’Artagnan, one of the country’s leading purveyors of foie gras. Not surprisingly, this philosophy is not shared by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The animal-rights organization advocates ending the delicacy’s production, which involves force-feeding ducks to fatten their livers.

On Tuesday, the tension between these views came to a head at the kickoff of DC Foie Fest at Boundary Road. Now in its third year, the festival—launched by Boundary Road co-owner Brad Walker—invites restaurants to participate in a week-long competition to make the best foie gras dishes. Washingtonians can embark on a self-guided “foie crawl” and vote for their favorite items, and the winning restaurant receives a coveted “Golden Duck” trophy.

Source Washingtonian

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