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A very Merry and special Christmas at Landini Brothers

Posted on Dec 28,2012
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Son and Father Noe and Franco Landini

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Christmas, for the last few years, meant spending time with our family sharing gifts, and having wonderful meals in the comfort of our home.  This year we decided to go out for dinner on Christmas Eve.  But that is not the story.  A few weeks ago, one of our neighbors' husband died.  He was a great person who always sat on his porch watching our kids play around with a smile.  Suddenly he was gone and his wife was left alone with no family around.  So we asked her to join us for dinner at Landini Brothers.  As we were getting seated our friend told us that she and her husband use to go to Landini every week on Saturdays but she has not been there for while because her husband got sick.  She even told us one time that one weekend when they didn't show up, Landini delivered dinner to their house. Landini Brothers has become a special place in Old Town Alexandria.

But also to my surprise,  as soon as we got seated, waiters and hostesses starting coming to our table one by one to offer their condolences. They head tears in their eyes.  Our neighbor felt special again, she felt her husband was there watching over us and smiling.  I was really moved.  First, for a restaurant to keep its employees for 20 to 30 years and I am not talking about regular employees.  They are very special.  They are always smiling and know their customers very well. They know when they are sick and when they are celebrating. Our neighbor had a better Christmas than expected.  Thanks to Landini Brothers, we did too.

I could not help myself walking to Noe Landini, the family owner of Landini Brothers to complement them on having the most beautiful and passionate staff I have ever seen. They made Christmas special four us and for our neighbor watching from the heavens.  

With all due respect to the old town fancy restaurants, there is only one place where people know your name, your family and make it very special every time you go for meal. It is Landini Brothers.

Merry Christmas to every one who made our neighbor feel special on her first christmas without her husband.  

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