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You Can Now Sip a Local Negroni with DC’s New Campari-Like Liqueur - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Feb 22,2018
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The team behind Capitoline Vermouth releases Tiber, a bitter orange liqueur. Photograph courtesy of Capitoline

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Put down the Campari—there’s a citrusy new aperitivo in town. The team behind Capitoline Vermouth just released Tiber, a delectably bitter, orange liqueur that’s produced in partnership with New Columbia Distillers, the makers of Green Hat Gin. So yes, local booze nerds, you can go ahead and fashion an all made-in-DC negroni (minus the citrus peel, of course, unless you have a greenhouse).

Capitoline partners Kat Hamidi (formerly the manager/beverage director at Etto) and Peter Pastan (co-owner of Etto and 2 Amys) worked all of last year to create their first liqueur. Like their collection of local rosé, white, and dry vermouths, Tiber is made with a “grain to glass” approach, starting with a base spirit of red winter wheat that’s harvested in Virginia. (Green Hat uses the same as the base for its seasonal gin.) The alcohol is then infused with “tons of fresh citrus and Seville orange,” according to Hamidi, plus warm spices like cardamom and ginger, and bittering agents like wormwood. Cochineal, an “old school” coloring ingredient, lends the aperitivo its ruddy orange hue (throwback indeed—the natural dye, favored by a number of craft spirit producers, has been extracted from red insects since the 16th century).

Source Washingtonian

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