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Wine & Spirits: Winter Cocktails That Rule - Source Washington life

Posted on Jan 10,2017
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Source Washington life


WASHINGTON, DC. - A roundup of winter cocktails by neighborhood and spirit.

Forget dry January, it’s cold out and we can’t resist the temptation of cozy bars begging us to come inside and have a stiff one. But not just any drink will do. We set out to find the cocktails that would thaw our hands, warm our insides and blur our senses. The favorites subtly play on holiday spices like clove and coriander without explicitly hurtling them in our faces– there is always Starbucks for that. They thrive on the reality that calories don’t count until spring and awe us with the creativity of our city’s rockstar bartenders. For the sake of geographic convenience, we listed our six favorites by neighborhood and spirit to make sure we have every booze-loving Washingtonian covered. Armagnac in Chevy Chase, Rye in Georgetown and so on.

1.  Fainting Goat: Cinnamon Toast Punch

V O D K A - U Street

Your favorite childhood cereal is being reincarnated on U Street– run, don’t walk. The drink evolved as a joke between bartender Ben and beverage director Ian Fletcher, ‘what if?’ they thought and thank god they did. They opted to soak Cinnamon Toast Crunch in almond milk instead of regular dairy which threatened to make it overly rich and heavy. Civic vodka takes a natural backseat to the vanilla and cinnamon flavor profile, making its presence barely noticeable. The punch is served over ice with a touch of amaretto, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s a stroke of genius. Fainting Goat is also serving a seasonal mulled wine and a spiced cider Cider House Rules worth checking out – they all pair well with the goat cheese fondue, just sayin’. 1330 U St NW $9.

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