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What can I eat at society Fair?

Posted on Dec 13,2012
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OLD TOWN - Have you been to Society Fair in Old Town?  It is at the intersection of Duke and Washington Street.  The place is divided into two area, the first is a small market for bakery, meats and other miscellaneous items and the second is a wine tasting and a dining area.  The place is fun to visit and I have to admit different from anything you will see in Old town.  I like that!  The problem I have after sitting down for a drink is what to eat.  I took my wife and kids for an early dinner and when given the menu, I started thinking of other places to go.  Not everyone is ok with Lamb shoulder and braised ribs choices as their main choices, they might need to diversify their menu a little bit.  I am not saying they are not tasty but you need to have some limited variety without insulting the chef.  

I am also not saying that you should not have speciality stores and restaurants but not to that extent.  Making the menu a little friendly will help bring new loyal customers.  By the way if you are wondering what I ended eating at the end.  I stuck to cheese and olives.

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