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This start-up can get you a $6 lunch in Washington - Source Washington post

Posted on Sep 21,2016
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Bub and Pop's is among the list of Washington restaurants that are participating in MealPal. (Photo by Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post)

Source Washington post

By Becky Krystal

WASHINGTON, DC. - Going out to lunch can be an impulse decision. Brown-bagging it requires planning. Now there's a service in Washington that bridges the gap between the two.

Launched locally on Monday, MealPal is a subscription-based program that provides weekday lunches starting at $5.99 per meal. The service, formerly known as MealPass, also debuted in Chicago, adding to existing offerings in New York, Boston, Miami and San Francisco.

Building upon the success of meal kit start-ups, the program taps into an expanding corner of the food service industry that maximizes on convenience. "We really wanted to make it easier for people to find lunch," co-founder Mary Biggins said. She thinks too many young, urban professionals have found themselves in the same situation she has: realizing at 3 p.m. that they haven't eaten lunch, then overpaying when they do peel away from their desks.

Source Washington post

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