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The Dish: Schlow's Empire in a Day - Source Washington life

Posted on Nov 16,2016
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The Riggsby (Photo by Scott Suchman)

Source Washington life


WASHINGTON, DC. - Michael Schlow does what he wants. Being a chef in Boston didn’t stop him from bringing his culinary concepts to Washington and being a kid from Brooklyn didn’t dictate the food he would cook. In Washington alone he has unfurled two Italian restaurants, one American and one Spanish. Unfazed by state lines or international boundaries, Schlow’s eclectic taste is a testament to his talent and versatility.

Washington’s evolution into an exciting food destination made the Boston-based restaurateur want to “throw his hat in the ring” years ago. The ring itself is dynamic, giving way to a host of up and coming chefs trying their luck with innovative concepts in hip evolving neighborhoods. But Schlow relies on neither to make his five Washington eateries solid dining options. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t manage to try them all, so Alta Strada and its sister restaurant Conosci, a small crudo bar next door, will have to wait until round two. Let the three we did conquer serve as a guide to the emerging empire of Schlow.

Source Washington life

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