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Paleo Taco Tuesday: What A Whole30 Coach Eats in A Day - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Mar 29,2018
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Photos courtesy of Kate Brock.

Source Washingtonian

WASHINGTON, DC. - Growing up a competitive swimmer, Kate Brock never had to worry about what she ate. “I was always burning more calories than I could consume,” she says. A typical breakfast in high school consisted of an instant breakfast shake, a buttery croissant, and a chocolate chip cookie. “I was always thin, so no one ever questioned my eating habits. I was in the mindset that as long as I was skinny, I was healthy.”

However, in college, her immune system plummeted. “I was constantly sick and in the hospital for stomach issues every other week. After college, things got significantly worse and I could barely eat. I tried being vegan, vegetarian, you name it. But things didn’t get better.”

Source Washingtonian

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