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National Waffle Day: The Top 5 In Old Town Alexandria

Posted on Aug 25,2017
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By Emily Leayman

Thursday marks National Waffle Day, Not to be confused with International Waffle Day, Aug. 24 celebrates the day the first U.S. patent was established for the waffle iron in 1869.

There's plenty of ways to enjoy waffles, whether you want the classic breakfast platter, ice cream and waffles or the dish served with fried chicken.

If you're on a quest for the perfect waffle, you won't even need to leave town. The go-to site for restaurant reviews has some suggestions for the best waffles in Old Town Alexandria.

Do you think some place else deserves to be in the top 5? Let us know in the comments.

1. Hen Quarter: 801 King St Alexandria, VA 22314

A recent Yelp review states, "I decided on the chicken and waffles and although initially shocked by the type of waffle. It was by far one of the best unique waffles ever. It is a savory waffle made with cornbread, corn, cheddar and chives. A new waffle favorite and a definite must try."

1600 King St Alexandria, VA 22314

One Yelp user says, "The real star of the show was the perfection that is the salmon belgian waffles. You receive three miniature fluffy belgian waffles that are topped with smoked salmon, herb creme fraiche (which is a creamy cloud of heaven) roe, and marmalade. It is by far one of the best dishes I've had in a long time and worth every cent."

3. Extra Perks Coffee Shop: 822 N Fairfax St Alexandria, VA 22314

A Yelp review states, "I got their Belgium waffles which were pretty good! They had blueberry on top and it was a perfect balance between tart and sweet."

4. Le Pain Quotidien: 701 King St Alexandria, VA 22314

One Yelper says, "Everything here is made of organic ingredients. From the coffee, eggs, waffles, and oatmeal, you just can't go wrong. One of my favorite places to eat breakfast in Alexandria."

5. Royal Restaurant:
730 N St Asaph St Alexandria, VA 22314

One Yelper says, "Very diner, comfy, little town feeling when you're there. I'm obsessed with the omelette and waffle station."

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