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How to Pick the Best Rosé at Whole Foods, According to a Sommelier - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jun 27,2017
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Vinoteca sommelier Kate Chrisman made a summer rose garden (pictured), and can help you find the best wines at Whole Foods. Photography courtesy of Vinoteca

Source Washingtonian

By Anna Spiegel

WASHINGTON, DC. - Sommelier Kate Chrisman knows how to shop for rosé. At Vinoteca wine bar, she’s curated for a summer-long rosé garden with a rotating list of 16 pink wines by the glass, over 20 bottles, and a variety of rosé vermouths, sangrias, and cocktails. Chrisman kindly agreed to meet at Whole Foods’ P Street location to finally solve the question: how do you pick the best bottles of rosé at the grocery store?

Every Whole Foods wine section will look a little different, depending on location and region; P Street’s rosé selection is robust, with a whole aisle devoted to hundreds of bottles. We asked Chrisman for general tips when rosé shopping, as well as a few specific Whole Foods recommendations—from splurges to boxed wine. Though she advocates for independent wine shops, where you might find more offbeat bottles and expert advice, there’s good news for Whole Foods shoppers up front: “The selection is really nice and affordable,” says Chrisman.

How do you know if a rosé is dry or fruity?

The majority of rosés at Whole Foods aren’t sweet—no fruit wine or Gallo white zinfandel here!—though you’ll find a range of flavors that swing from bone-dry to juicy. Though there are exceptions in every case, major rosé-producing regions boast some general characteristics.

Source Washingtonian

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