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Foodie: Okra is one of the most versatile vegetables - Source Alextimes

Posted on Sep 21,2016
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Source Alextimes

By Elizabeth Markley Holm

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - There is an abundance of okra in farmer’s markets at this time of year. Those green pods look intriguing, but also intimidating. What do you do with them?

I grew up in Pennsylvania and never ate okra, let alone cooked it. But after mov- ing to Virginia, I discovered this amazing vegetable that is unique because of both the variety of ways to prepare it and its extensive health benefits.

Okra can be fried, roasted or put in soups and stews such as gumbo and Brunswick stew. My favorite way to prepare it is to saute it with onions, tomatoes and fresh corn to make a delicious vegetable medley. I call it The Best Way to Eat Okra.

Source Alextimes

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